Welcome to Start or Finish Your Damn Book in Costa Rica , 2020!

                    “Creativity is a wild mind and a disciplined eye."  ~Dorothy Parker                                                                        

Dear Writing Sister,

     How long have you been telling everyone that you were going to write a book--or that you’d finished your manuscript? 

      Be honest. 

    So,  what a thrilling relief to finally tell friends and family what you're doing next fall. Imagine the look on their faces when you announce,  "I'm going to Costa Rica to write my book with the wild whales and dolphins!” 

     We’ve discovered the perfect place - The village of Drake Bay sits on the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica's southwestern coast. It's known by National Geographic as one of the most "biologically intense" places on Earth. This remote, magical place inspires writers and authors  like you with its whales, mega pods of dolphins, and sea turtles swimming in crystalline, turquoise waters.

      We've designed the perfect writing process - A structured balance of group work and solitary writing time sets the stage for workshopping. While working in unqiue groups based on experience and book project status, empowering feedback will  be offered and discussed for your skills, writing tools, and writing. 

      We've chosen the perfect time - Drake Bay in August welcomes the most massive humpback whale migration in North America. You'll experience up-close encounters with majestic humpback whales which arrive from two different hemispheres to birth their calves. We believe  these muses will energize the delivery of your book with increased creativity, a "wild mind and a disciplined eye."


We're now attracting the perfect people - Writing sisters like you who join us.

Hasta pronto! See you soon in August 2020!

Lore Raymond and Michele True 

Writing Sisters & Co-founders, Eat, Pray, Write 


P.S. FYI - Some retreat information is pending because Lore flies to Drake Bay from August 17-25, 2019 to finalize the details for you. Everything will be announced on September 1.  Meanwhile Michele is happily prepping for the sold out Women's Tuscan Writing Retreat in Arcidosso, September 13-18, 2019. (Wailitst started. Contact us.)

Bienvenida to Drake Bay, Costa Rica * July 31-August 7, 2020

Who Should Attend


Any writing sister who would benefit because you...

  • Seek to ovecome fears, doubters, and distractions because you deserves a once-in-a-lifetime, wild experience that is focused on your dreams and goals!
  • Is Driven to Start or Finish Your Damn Book—you don’t have to be a professional writer or previously-published to join us...and you can be.
  • Values contributing to and being a part of a community of like-minded and supportive writing sisters
  • Needs to "retreat into creativity" to enliven a writing practice by exploring flora and fauna in an "ecologically intense" setting
  • Yearns for quiet, reflective "me" time to unplug
  • Wants to establish and expand their writing circle

What's Included


8 Wild, whale-tastic plans for  

the adventuresome writer to include these outcomes and more:

  • 8 nights/7 days accommodations starting in San Jose (July 31) and then to a Drake Bay ecolodge (August 1-7)--to be announced on September 1.
  • Experiencing two breathtaking  wild whale and dolphin encounters
  • Self-nurturing with daily yoga and reiki classes plus choices of  a massage; horseback riding and/or; swimming and snorkeling in healing waters--all free, optional activities
  • Learning and practicing the Divine Dialogue Writing System to exercise your intuition muscles
  • All meals included for savoring vegan and other healthy tropical cuisines 
  • Celebrating the Full Moon
  • Round trip transportation from San Jose to Drake Bay
  • Feeling  thrilled with this literary, eco-adventure!

Program Schedule


Intentionally designed with attention to detail with 5 creative features to: 

  • Ensure a balance between structured and free writing time 
  • Workshop with other writers in unique groups based on experience and book project status. For beginners ((Hummingbirds), workshops will be structured at an entry level and; for almost-complete book writers  (Toucans), you'll  deep dive right in with other experienced writers.
  • Offer mentoring from Toucans to Hummingbirds and; offer inspiration from Hummingbrids to Toucans
  • Write in Mother Nature's classrooms
  • Enjoy fun, experiential activities to  engage the hands, head, heart, and soul

Daily Schedule available in September. Contact us now to get  immediate notification. 

Photo credit: James Wainscoat


Drake Bay, YOur Location

Photo by Divine Dolphin

The village of Drake Bay is "Costa Rica unplugged" as you won't find any ATM's or banks there. Nestled on the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica's southwestern coast, 

it's known by National Geographic as one of the most "biologically intense" places on Earth.

 Nature envelops you.

 You can write during hammock time.

Allow more amazing wildlife than

 almost anywhere else in the world to inspire.

Enjoy these exquisite muses to help 

 start or finish your damn book!

Photo: Sierra Goodman, Divine Dolphin


Your HosTS & Instructors


 Lore (like "story) Raymond 

and Michele True

The inspiration for this retreat spoke to the souls of both writing sisters after spending (and often struggling) the past two years to complete their manuscripts. 

Lore's first non-fiction book arrives December 2019 and, Michele's first romance novel also launches this year.

As Florida residents, they both share a love of all things tropical. World travels inform and inspire their work and words:  Lore's journeys to Peru, Bali, India, and Roatan, Honduras and; Michele's adventures to Italy, Greece, Ireland, England, and  France.

Photo: Sierra Goodman, Divine Dolphin

Accommodations & Prices


 Earlybird Registration Opens

September 2019!

Contact us  for more information.

  Like our 2019 Women's Tuscan Writing Retreat,

we expect to be sold out.

Future Eat, Pray, Write retreats in 2021



Imagine Lore's surprise two years ago when she discovered she was 70% Irish. 

Michele and Lore both share a Scot-Irish ancestry and a love of all things highland, plaid, and poetic.

Be sure to sign up for future updates & invites!



France is a favorite haunt of Michele's--it's also the setting of her first historical fiction novel. 

This retreat promises" l'amour" and much more.

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Bali in October


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Like the majestic "Balinese bookends" in the photo above, we're returning for Lore's third time of guiding women to Bali and her "spiritual home." Inspired by Elizabeth Gilbert's Eat, Pray, Love  it's where she led her first, sold-out retreat in 2009.