Michele True



Michele graduates from USF Tampa on May 2, Summa Cum Laude with a BA in English with a focus in Creative Writing and a minor in Italian. Michele is a published poet, and is currently finishing her first book of poetry translation, Volpe e il Sipario by Alda Merini, feminist, Italian poet. She is also well into writing her first Historical Fiction novel. As an experienced editor, Michele retired from a career with the Billboard Magazine Group to write. She is now writing her first historical fiction novel, and translating a book of poetry from Italian to English.

While Lore is the principal writing and creativity teacher, Michele, plays the key role of hostess and tour guide. 

Michele's passionate and intimate knowledge of Italy is infectious. She speaks Italian and French. Friends describe her as “fearless, vivacious, and a word-geek.” 

Most of all, it’s Michele’s heart connection to her ancestral home that makes this retreat truly unique.  

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Lore (like story) Raymond


#1 Amazon Bestselling Co-author - Speaker - Writing & Creativity Catalyst

 A Peruvian shaman bestowed a sacred condor feather and the title of "chacaruna"--a bridgekeeper--while co-leading a trip together. He challenged Lore to help people express their authentic power and messages--now her soul work with clients and students.

Lore’s first book, Writing Medicine: The Must-Have Guide for Your Hero's Journey to Inner Healing, arrives this Fall. The topic was chosen from 1,700 proposals for a featured panel discussion with Lore as moderator and presenter at North America’s largest literary event—the Annual Conference of the Association of Writers and Writing Programs in Portland, Oregon, this spring. Michele joins Lore on the panel.

For 13 years, Lore's led a dynamic writing and healing community with her monthly Women's Divine Dialogue Writing Circle—the place where she and Michele first intersected. Students and clients describe Lore as “wise, charismatic, and generous.”

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Our Shared Vision

"If  you build it, they will come." ~ Field of Dreams

The retreat's idea really began in 2017 when Michele signed up for one of Lore’s Divine Dialogue Writing Workshops. Inspired, she's attended every workshop possible since then because of the creative way Lore balances her teaching with structure, compassion, and ritual.

When Michele and her husband, Herb, recently purchased her cousin’s home in Arcidosso, Italy, the two friends and writing sisters arrived at inspiration simultaneously. It was the perfect, sacred space to bring writing sisters from all walks of life together in a unique fashion.  

The seeds were planted. Now the harvest is ready to share with you. 

The intention is providing an atmosphere infused with positive energy where women can unplug from the world to tap into their individual, white-hot cores of creativity...an intimate space where all voices are honored...a writing experience where words  flow onto every page.