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Eat, Pray, Write in Tuscany this April!

                    “Creativity is a wild mind and a disciplined eye."  

                                                                                                    ~Dorothy Parker                                                                                                    

When I mention I am an author and poet, people often share their own desire to write. Or, that they started their book and just never found  the right place or right time to finish their it.

If this describes you, why not now? And, why not in an ancient, medieval  village where you are emotionally and physically safe in a space that  inspires creativity? A place shared with other writers who juggle the  same anxieties and concerns as you. A space with the flexibility to  create all day, if you want; workshop with other wordsmiths, if you  want; or consult with Michele on writing techniques and share  professional insight into the world of publishing.  

Perhaps you  want to polish your book in a village where the retreat leader lives in a  refurbished parochial house attached to a Knight's Templar church built  in the 1100s!

The first Eat, Pray, Write retreat was held September 2019.  It was a high point for twelve inspired and determined women. These  women arrived from all walks of life--from as far away as northern  Oregon and Utah's Rocky Mountain range, to the beaches of the Tampa Bay  Area. Check out their testimonials, I love sharing them!

The  Write Place? Arcidosso, which lies in the shadow of Monte Amiata in  southern Tuscany and re-known for its 9th century castle (best preserved  castle of its time in Europe), and known by those who seek and practice  spiritual paths to be a vortex of spirituality. (There is a Tibetan  Buddhist Temple , Merigar West, as well as the archeological site, Monte  Labro where followers of Davide Lazzeretti once lived.)  

The  magic in this space encourages writers, like you, with its unique  history--where every stone in every building has a story to tell. Isn't  it The Write time for you to experience that magic--to taste exquisite  wines, olive oil, and culinary perfection? Come enjoy our unequaled  Italian hospitality.

The Write Time? April in the rolling hills  of Tuscany, where new life in the vineyards have started to stretch  tendrils toward the sunny skies, where poppies confetti fields of wheat,  and a bevy of flowers bloom.  A time before scorching summer heat and throngs of tourists challenge  anyone's patience. A time when the villages have completed their  traditional Easter celebrations. A time when words flow and nothing shadows your confidence.  

Ci Vediamo a Presto! See you soon!

Michele True

Founder & Host of Eat, Pray, Write

Our Tentative Schedule

Welcome to our schedule!  Please note that the events, classes and experiences we have planned for you are locked in. Specific days and times are still flexible and will be locked in by Mid-March.  Grazie!


Social - Dine with Other Early Arrivals

7:30pm - 10pm

Il Molo Ristorante : Via della Torre Clementina, 312, 00054 Fiumicino RM, Italia

Event Details


Social - Dine with Other Early Arrivals

We invite you to join us for dinner by the sea and meet your fellow writers in this casual, yet stunning location.  This is a "pay for your ...

Event Details

7:30pm - 10pm

Il Molo Ristorante : Via della Torre Clementina, 312, 00054 Fiumicino RM, Italia


Depart for Arcidosso

10am - 1pm

Airport pick-ups until 9:30 followed by Pick Up At Best Western Fiumicino at 9:50

Event Details


Depart for Arcidosso

And we're off to Arcidosso. We will be driven by professional drivers the two and one-half hour drive. We love sharing bits of archeological...

Event Details

10am - 1pm

Airport pick-ups until 9:30 followed by Pick Up At Best Western Fiumicino at 9:50


Benvenuto Feast

7:30pm - 10pm

Osteria Bastarda Rossa

Event Details


Benvenuto Feast

We invite you to join us in traditional Italian feast to kick off our week of inspiration, learning, and fun. 

7:30pm - 10pm

Osteria Bastarda Rossa


Sunday Schedule

9am - 12pm

Writing with Tawni

Event Details


Sunday Schedule

From 6:30 to 8:30 am, enjoy a wide range of breakfast items at the Osteria Bastarda Rossa, including the very traditional Tuscan crostata an...

Event Details

9am - 12pm

Writing with Tawni


Monday Schedule

9am - 10pm

Arcidosso, Tuscany, Italy

Event Details


Monday Schedule

Breakfast - Osteria Bastarda Rossa 6:30 - 8:30 am


Group A: Cooking Class 

Group B: Tour of Arcidosso with Professional Guide

Noon-1: Lunc...

Event Details

9am - 10pm

Arcidosso, Tuscany, Italy

More Events

Benvenuto to Arcidosso, Tuscany * April 18-25, 2020!

Program Schedule


This is Write Place and Write Time to join us in the Tuscan hamlet of Arcidosso.

Our programs are intentionally designed to: 

Ensure you experience a balance between structured and free time

Provide a variety of experiences that engage all the senses, as well as your desire for adventure in Tuscany. Some of these include wine and olive oil tastings, excursions to Siena and Florence, and cooking lessons from extraordinary chefs

Include Places to Write that are interesting and inspiring within nature and within ancient walls

Balance Writing alone and/or in small groups

Submerse You In the authentic, Italian lifestyle that only exists in small, rural villages

Be Flexible because we honor your right to empowerment and the choice to write when and where inspiration hits!

What's Included?


I personally guarantee a retreat full of experiences that will expand your creativity and provide the opportunity to make connections with other writers that last a lifetime with:

Access to Historic, Family-Owned locations that have a story of their own

Writing Workshops, organized into small, manageable groups. Your workshop partners will provide respectful feedback that will help you take your writing to the next level

Scheduled Meals that take away the stress of figuring out where and when to find great food, but also allow you the autonomy to explore on your own. 


  • 7 x  continental breakfasts / 4 x dinners 

Safe, clean, and inspirational accommodations:

  • 8 days/7 nights in Arcidosso, a medieval, hilltop city in southern Tuscany
  • Choices for Location AND Privacy

Who's Invited?


Anyone who…

Deserves a once-in-a-lifetime, cultural experience 

Is Driven to find the Write Time, Write Place to create—you don’t have to be a professional or previously-published to join us

Appreciates being in a community of like-minded, craft-oriented or craft-curious writers

Seeks an enchanted “Under the Tuscan Sun” adventure while expanding a writing lifestyle through exploration of land, architecture, cuisine, personal spirituality and traditions while connecting with other well as Michele’s family and friends

Yearns for quiet, reflective time to retreat into  creativity.

Is Drawn to adventure.  Personal excursions for sailing, cycling, hiking, swimming in the Mediterranean, and more can be customized for you for a small up-charge

Shops 'Til They Drop If you dream of Prada Outlets and jewelry on the Ponta Vecchio. We can help with that!

Arcidosso, Our Location


Benvenuto ad Arcidosso!  
Welcome to Arcidosso!

You probably want to know how that is pronounced. Don't worry, it's a question I am asked constantly:  

Arc- think starch.  That is the "arch" in Arcidosso.

i - ih, as in the word kid

do- "doe" a female deer 

so- "sew."

This quaint, medieval village of only 4,295 people nested in the mountains of southern Tuscany is renown for its "best-preserved 9th century castle in Europe." 

It's also close to where Merlin is said to have lived in a cave--perhaps he'll revisit as a muse while you start or finish your damn book!

Arcidosso lies at the base of Monte Amiata, the tallest mountain peak in Tuscany; get ready for spectacular vistas sure to inspire your writing!

This stunning jewel is located between Siena and Rome and two hours to Florence. In one day, you can both ski Mount Amiata and enjoy the beach in the Maremma di Grosseto for dinner.

Tuscany's rich history, architecture, countryside, and vistas are sure to inspire your writing, creativity, and transformation!

Meet Michele


Michele adores bringing writers together to share her passion and love for her Italian heritage, family, and heart's home.

The stones of this ancient Knight's Templar village bear witness to hundreds of years of human interaction. To lean against them is to absorb their memory and dignity. 

The people of Arcidosso (Arcidossini) are a friendly, welcoming lot who enjoy their visitors. They will bowl you over with their warmth and humor. You'll feel safe here. Comfortably wandering through the gardens or cafe's to find a place to write alone or with new friends.

Michele speaks Italian and is available to translate. She loves to take her guests to the local Tuesday market and introduce them to vendors who are willing to bargain.

Monte Amiata has an energy that has attracted the wise for many generations. Merlin was rumored to have lived in a cave nearby; the grounds of Merigar West, a Buddhist enclave is one of serenity and inspiration; and Davide Lazeratti's story of spiritual leadership and martyrdom can be witnessed at the archeological site of Monte Labbro.

One of our September guests wrote this, "Totally met my overall intentions and so much more. Words cannot express the growth I have experienced in so many aspects of my life." 

These are just a  few of the reasons to Eat, Pray, Write with us!

Accommodations & Prices


We offer accommodations in three, historic, family-owned  locations--each only a one-minute walk between each other:

  • Casa della Famiglia:  See the picture above of Michele's home --that building under the church bell? That is the Casa della Famiglia, and our retreat headquarters.  
  • Locanda Thalassa: Next, there are several shared or private rooms offsite at Michele's cousin's B&B, the Locanda Thalassa--only a one-minute stroll to and from MIchele's home.
  • Cassetta Ione: Finally, there are two roomss available in the house where Michele's great-grandparents ran the Trattoria La Stella--also a few minutes walk to the retreat headquarters. 

Arcidosso, Tuscany, Italy


Step Back in Time...

This retreat will take you back in through time via ancient surroundings. It is designed to allow you to unplug from whatever is hectic in your daily routine and plug into your white-hot center of creativity. Isn't it time you gave yourself the gift of time?  Best of all, you'll be in a safe space with other writers, like yourself, who value their craft, themselves, and the time it takes to get a project started....or finished!


Benvenuto! Welcome to Michele's Home, Casa della Famiglia--the Retreat's Heart Center

As you can see, Michele's two-and-a-half story home is attached to the Chiesa San Andrea, an ancient Knights Templar Chapel. (San Andrea is to the far left.)

The campanella (bell) of the church still perches upon the roof of the home--a now-silent witness to hundreds of years of life and love in Arcidosso.

Michele has a loft (Michaelangelo's Loft) that is a very large, open space with one full-size bed and one twin bed (the bathroom is one level down, so stairs are involved.) On the second level, the Sunflower Room is bright and airy, and has two twin size beds (if you want to share a space, this is a great space to share), and on the main level, there is a tiny, yet lovely room Michele has dubbed the Naughty Nunnery for it's small, yet plush and enlightening accommodations.  All three spaces have desks available for writing.

Although everyone in Casa della Famiglia shares a bathroom, there are three large facilities, and the sharing has never posed a problem yet.


Cugino Mio! My Cousin

A mere one-minute walk from Michele's home is her cousin's Bed & Breakfast (Thalassa Locanda) where rooms are available. You'll be warmly greeted by Valeria and Mario who are thrilled that our group is coming.  

You'll feast over two gourmet dinners at the Welcome "Benvenuti" and Farewell "Arrivederci " celebrations--both at  the Osteria, La Bastarda Rossa, the B & B's acclaimed restaurant. The physical address is Via Talassese 94, Arcidosso.

At the B &B, Mario and Valeria offer accomodations, from the two bedroom, two bath with living room and verandah Liz Gilbert suite, to the Deluxe Alda Merini room with an enormous jacuzzi tub.  

The giardino (garden) and terrazzo (terrace) at Mario and Valeria's is lovely, and they look forward to making sure each writingsistre is able to enjoy their outdoor space.

What IS Included for You!



  • Welcome “Benvenuti” Gourmet Dinner on arrival day at Osteria Bastarda Rossa, Michele’s cousin’s acclaimed restaurant 
  • Daily delish, Italian continental breakfast buffet (gluten-free options); coffee & tea 
  • Daily, day’s end gathering for wine and nibbles at the Gathering Spot, a.ka. Michele's large dining room. (Total 7 gatherings)
  • Celebration “Arrivederci” Gourmet Dinner & Awards before departure day--also at Osteria Bastarda Rossa
  • Two, fun hands-on adventures: wine and olive oil tasting night and  cooking classes that include hand-rolled pasta
  • Meals included: 7 x breakfasts / 4 x dinners



  • Balanced itinerary  that allows for sacred space to pray, reflect, meditate—and of course, write
  • Plenty  of free-time to create in the privacy of your room, in communal areas,  or to walk the narrow, stone passages of Arcidosso in discovery of the  many medieval churches and piazzas that make a perfect place for  reflection and writing.
  • Excursions:

  1. Buddhist temple and spiritual enclave of Merigar West a mere ten minute drive from Arcidosso. Here you will be able to tour the grounds and visit the extensive library that Merigar houses.
  2. Monte Labbro nature reserve and archeological site of important historical and cultural buildings, dating back to the “Giurisdavidico” movement led by Davide Lazzaretti



  • Daily group work, solitary writing time, and workshop clinics
  • Writing tools discussions and workshops led by Michele where empowered feedback for your writing, projects, and skills are discussed. (Total 3 seminars)
  • Writing prompts, optional mentoring, and writing routines...everything you need to take your experience back home and continue writing when the retreat is over! 
  • Workshop opportunities  with other writers who write in unique groups based on experience
  • Quiet Write is time set aside in Michele's house where you can gather around the table in the dining hall, curl up on couches and chairs in the living room, or find a group in the garden area where everyone is writing, together and the only sound that you'll hear is the clicking of keyboards.
  • Rich variety of interior and exterior spaces to inspire writing including Michele’s home and garden; any number of local churches; a breathtaking city park, and many others waiting for your discovery.

Eat, Pray, Write International Retreat Application

We are thrilled to invite you to register and join us for Eat, Pray, Write's April 2020 Writer's Retreat in Tuscany!  We will be accepting between ten and twelve writers for a small, group experience created to inspire your writing!

To reserve your experience of a lifetime:

1. Fill out the International Retreat Application located by linking on the "International Retreat Application" link below.  Remember to make a copy for your records.

2. Paypal your deposit of $250.00 (net) to


                                        International Retreat Application


What Is Not Included



Flights to and from any airport are not included and must be booked individually. (Please plan to arrive Rome on April 17th and spend the night at one of our recommended hotels in Fiumicino. If arrival on the 17th is not possible, please arrive before 10 a.m. April 18, 2020 for complimentary arrival and departure transfers.)

Unscheduled Transportion Needs

To and from Rome's Fuimicino airport on any dates other than the 18th and 25th of April, 2020. Any local transportation needs in Arcidosso, other than scheduled group excursions. Please feel free to rent a car and meet us in Arcidosso if you would like to have a wide range of mobility during your free time.

Items of a personal nature

such as laundry, telephone calls, tips, gifts, souvenirs and/or additional internet services 

Passports or Visas


Rome's Fuimicino Airport Tips

How to Get to Arcidosso on Your Own

Rental Cars:  There are numerous rental car companies at Fuimicino Airport. They are accessible in a building attached to the airport, so there is some walking involved.  Finding the tunnel to the rental cars is always a little confusing, even for me after all of these years, so I'm including a map of the airport and some written instructions to help.  Most international travelers will find themselves arriving to  Terminal 3 and directed to customs on the ground floor. No matter what  terminal you find yourself in, Terminal 1, 2, or 3, you will want to  make your way to the second level of the airport. There will be covered  walkways on the top floor leading passengers over a roadway to the  airport parking garages where the car rental desks are located on the  fourth floor. 

The car rental desks are located in Office Tower 2, or Torre Uffici 2.

If you happen to have questions while traveling through Fiumicino  Airport, you should direct your questions to the information desks that  are located in each terminal. Staff members at these locations will be  able to help travelers who are looking for specific airport information,  as well as individuals looking for information about currency  conversion and driving rental cars in Italy. These attendants can also point you towards the counter for your Fiumicino Airport rental car, should you get lost.  

Trains to Grosseto From Rome

Grosseto is the closest major hub to Arcidosso (approximately a 50 minute drive), and if for any reason you have delays and miss the shuttle, make your way to Grosseto and we'll make sure pick here.

Travel Hacks

Flights & Shuttle


Arrivals Before Friday, April 18

You can choose to arrive sooner than Friday, September 13 and explore Rome. 

However, please be at either the designated hotel meeting spot in Fiumicino or at the Rome-Fiumicino International Airport (also known as Leonardo Da Vinci Airport) the morning of April 18, 2020 no later than 10:00 am for your complimentary shuttle service to Arcidosso, the retreat site! Details of where to meet at the airport (and other things) will be sent in a final email.

If you are not there, you are responsible for your transportation to the retreat; a shuttle costs $350.00, one way.

Arrivals on April 18, 2020

Most international flights departing the day before will arrive on Thursday, Friday, September 13 between 8 am and 10 am. We'll be there to happily meet you, gather luggage, and enjoy a coffee or nibble, while waiting for other arrivals. Then, it’s off to Arcidosso!

Departures on April 25, 2020

Please remember that the shuttle to FCO (Fiumicino Rome Airport) leaves Arcidosso at 10 am the morning of April 25, 2020. We anticipate arriving at the airport by 1 pm, barring traffic situations that cause delays. You'll want to either schedule your flight out anytime after 5:30 pm or arrange to spend an additional night and depart on April 26, 2020. We will drop off any attendees staying longer at the lobby of the Best Western Rome Airport Hotel after our airport stop.

Traveling from the Airport into Rome BEFORE the retreat?  Here is a great video for instructions on how to navigate the Leonardo Express from the airport to the center of Rome.

Rome Accomodations

Eat, Pray, Write recommendation for hotel in Fiumicino, near the Rome Airport

Best Western Hotel Rome Airport
Located in Fiumicino, Best Western Hotel  Rome Airport is on a river and close to Necropoli di Porto Isola Sacra  and House of Love and Psyche.  This 4-star hotel is within close  proximity of Case a Giardino and Capitolium.

Make  yourself at home in one of the 96 air-conditioned rooms featuring  minibars and espresso makers. Wired and wireless Internet access is  complimentary, while 20-inch flat-screen televisions with satellite  programming provide entertainment. Private bathrooms with showers  feature rainfall showerheads and bidets. Conveniences include phones, as  well as safes and desks.

Be sure to enjoy  recreational amenities, including an outdoor pool, an indoor pool, and a  fitness center. This hotel also features complimentary wireless  Internet access, tour/ticket assistance, and complimentary use of a  nearby fitness facility. Guests can catch a ride to nearby destinations  on the area shuttle (surcharge).

Via Portuense 2465, Fiumicino, 00054, Italy

La Maison Royale

Situated 9 km from Parco Leonardo Shopping Mall, La Maison Royale  offers a garden, a bar and air-conditioned accommodation with a patio  and free WiFi.

All units come with a seating area, a flat-screen TV with satellite  channels and a private bathroom with a hair dryer, bidet and shower.  Some units have a dining area and/or a balcony.

Guests at the bed and breakfast can enjoy an Italian breakfast.

A terrace is available for guests to use at La Maison Royale.

The nearest airport is Fiumicino, 5 km from the accommodation, and the property offers a paid airport shuttle service.

Viale della Pesca 26, 00054 Fiumicino, Italy

Passport & Insurance



One must be obtained in advance. Each participant is responsible for determining their specific passport requirements and for obtaining the necessary documents prior to departure. Non-U.S. citizens must consult with appropriate consulates to determine if any visas are needed. 


Please note if you currently have a passport that your expiration date must be at least October 19, 2020. 

If it is not, you need to renew your passport before you depart for the retreat.

Medical Insurance

Each person is responsible for checking with their current health insurance provider and insuring that they have adequate medical coverage.


Benvenuto ad Arcidosso!  

Welcome to Arcidosso!

(Prounounced Arch (like parch)-ih-doe-so)

This quaint medieval village of only 4,295 in southern Tuscany is renown for the best-preserved medieval castle in Europe. It's also close to where Merlin is said to have lived in a cave--perhaps he'll revisit as a muse while you write.

Arcidosso is nestled at the base of Mount Amiata, the tallest mountain peak in Tuscany; get ready for spectacular vistas sure to inspire your writing!

This stunning jewel is located between Siena and Rome and two hours to Florence. In one day, you can both ski Mount Amiata and enjoy the beach in the Maremma di Grosseto for dinner.

Tuscany's rich history, architecture, countryside, and vistas are sure to inspire your writing, creativity, and transformation!

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