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Our Go-To Lodgings in Tuscany


The Thalassa is a gracious mix of bed and breakfast in and boutique hotel. The cleanliness, service and quality experienced here is reflected in their consistently high rankings on Trip Advisor, Google, and other social media resources. 

Trusted Friend and Business Advisor


We are in fierce collaboration with Sally White! Sally became part of the Eat, Pray, Write family because of her extraordinary ability to communicate, her practical advise in marketing, and her natural talent for building people and businesses up.  Sally's incredible story didn't begin as right-hand woman to Debbi Fields of Mrs. Fields Cookies, but it certainly took on a new flavor when she helped skyrocket the company to international success.

Extraordinary Tuscan Cuisine


The Bastarda Rossa pulled a 10.5 on a scale of one to ten when we recently surveyed our retreat attendees on their dining experience in the family-owned and operated osteria. Valeria & Federica, create a bit of magic on every plate of food. If you're anywhere in Tuscany, make it a point to drive to the Bastarda Rossa, but be sure to make reservations, they're sold out nearly every night!

Award-Winning Author, Tawni Waters

Parterning with Tawni Waters for the April 2020 Eat, Pray, Write Retreat is a dream come true.

Tawni's presence at the April 2020 Eat, Pray, Write Retreat elevates our already fabulous opportunity. But don't just take my word for it. Here's what the literary world has to say about Tawni's mastery of the craft:


Harley's  voice is earthy, colloquial, and wise, her first-person narration vivid  and sometimes funny. Readers will resonate with this gritty,  expletive-laced, fast-paced narrative about a strong young woman trying  to come to terms with great loss.


The Long Ride Home


Tawni’s  talent would be exasperating if I didn’t know how seriously she takes  her craft, how dedicated she is to art and the imagination.

If  you follow Tawni on Facebook or meet her for the first time, you might  think this was merely a woman who stays up late writing inspiring  messages about love, who stumbles through life having visions, and who  probably loses several possessions every time she passes through an  airport. But we writers, well, we have a kind of knack for spotting a  person’s other side, if they have one. If you listen to Tawni talk,  you’ll quickly see how seriously she takes her work, her investigation  of the world around her, and her artistic vocation. When it’s time to  write, she writes.

She’s someone the world should be hearing more of.