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Michele True

Michele is a published poet, journalist and author who graduated from the University of South Florida Tampa with a focus in creative writing and Italian. She has just sent her first, completed novel to be published, is working on a second novel, and has a screenplay wafting about Los Angeles somewhere. Michele is also translating La Volpe e Il Sipario by the Italian poet Alda Merini into English that she hopes to send in for publication by the end of 2019.

Having just returned from the inaugural Eat, Pray, Write retreat, she is currently riding the wave of an amazing experience and planning April's Write Time, Write Place co-ed retreat. 

She is an experienced journalist and author who retired from a career with the Nielson Company's Billboard Magazine Group to focus on writing. Her passionate and intimate knowledge of Italy is infectious. She speaks Italian and attempts French. While working for Nielsen, Michele also had experience in organizing and hosting conference booths and events.

Friends describe her as “fearless, vivacious, and a word-geek.” Most of all, it’s Michele’s heart connection to her ancestral home that makes the Eat, Pray, Write retreats in Italy amazing.  

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The Vision

The retreat's idea really began in 2017 when Michele and her husband, Herb, recently purchased a cousin’s home in Arcidosso, Italy.  

Michele would like to graciously thank Lore for partnering with her on the first Eat, Pray, Write Retreat. Lore's example at September 2019's retreat opened Michele's eyes to the complexity of running a retreat.

Eat, Pray, Write, under Michele's leadership, provides an atmosphere infused with positive energy where writers from all walks of life can unplug from the world and tap into their individual, white-hot core of creativity in an intimate space where all voices are honored...a writing experience where words flow. 

How to Contact Michele

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Thank you for your interest in our Eat, Pray, Write community of writers! Please contact Michele  using the form to ask questions, make suggestions, or share your thoughts. We’ll reply within 24 hours or sooner.


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